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Village Plan Updates

Below are brief reports of previous meetings of the Village Plan group. To see more in-depth articles on the Village Plan process go to or click on 'VILLAGE PLAN' under 'VILLAGE'

Village Plan Update April 2013


A public meeting was held in the Memorial Hall on Friday 12th April to discuss the way forward for the new Village Action Group following the signing off of the Village Plan earlier this year. The meeting, attended by about twenty five villagers was chaired by Charlie Carter, the outgoing chairman of the Village Plan Group.
Following a showing of the Beech Hill Film and a resume of the progress made by the Village Plan Group by Stuart Barry, the Chairman told the meeting that both he and Stuart Barry would be standing down, and would not be seeking re-election.

Village Plan Update 12 November 2012


The Bonfire supper took place as planned yesterday. However, as a mark of respect to Chris and Lesley who had suffered a serious house fire earlier in the day, the bonfire was not lit. The Village Plan document was now finished, having been approved (with amendments) by the Parish Council. Stuart Barry and Charlie Carter gave a presentation on the main points in the document. The event was then opened up to everyone to put their names down on one or more of the flipcharts covering the three main topics and one for general interest/involvement. The response was very encouraging with many new names being added to the lists.

Village Plan Update 10 October 2012


The finishing touches have been added to the draft Village Plan Document ready for proof reading over the next few weeks, then passed on to the Parish Council for their comments, after which a public presentation will be given at the Bonfire Event on 11 November 2012.
Once the plan has been submitted and approved we have completed stage one of the process.  It was proposed and agreed that the present committee should then stand down and that a new group should be formed to oversee execution.  This is to be announced at the public meeting and we should encourage anyone who is interested to get involved.

Village Plan Update 26 July 2012


The village Plan Committee has produced a flyer which will be distributed to every household in the village giving details of progress so far, and giving details of the various ways in which villagers could be kept informed and make their views know. A copy of the flyer is shown below. Click on it to open it as a PDF document.

Village Plan Update 3 July 2012

The next stage in the production of the Beech Hill Village Plan is to produce a Plan Document. The format of the document was discussed, based on other village plans and guidance from the Community Council for Berkshire.
The proposed format of our plan document is:

Village Plan Update 12 June 2012

Following the display of some of the early results of the Village Plan Questionnaire the Village Plan group met for a 'Brain-storming' session where four major topics from the survey were highlighted, then five minutes spent on each to put forward as many possible solutions as we could think of, regardless of how sensible or how mad they might be; the objective being that hopefully somewhere in there could be the answer, and if not, it might spark new ideas for new solutions.

Village Plan Update 22 May 2012

Over a hundred people completed the questionnaire for the Village Plan over the past few weeks, and we have just received from the Greenham Common Trust some of the raw data of the results. It will take some time to analyze the results properly, but over the next two weeks we will be trying to extract some of the main issues raised and present them to you at the Jubilee Tea on the 5th of June.

Village Plan Update 17 April 2012

The Village Plan survey questions have been finalized; all the spelling mistakes have been corrected (hopefully) and the forms are currently being printed ready for distribution to every household in the village next weekend (22/23 April).  

Village Plan Report 13 January 2012

Following the Launch Event at the Beech Hill Bonfire on 13 November 2011, 14 village residents, who had expressed an interest in becoming involved with the village plan, met in the Memorial Hall to take the Village Plan forward.

Village Plan Minutes 26 September 2011

Beech Hill Village Plan kick-off meeting
Monday 26-Sep-2011
Beech Hill Memorial Hall
1.      Welcome – Charlie
Introductions - Mike
a.      How we got here
2.      What is a Village Plan – Sarah Ward
a.      What is its purpose
b.      What should it include
c.       What should it not include
d.      Where do Parish Council and Village Plan overlap
e.      When is our first version finished



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