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Village Plan

To see the latest Village Plan Updates go to or click on 'VILLAGE PLAN > UPDATES' under 'VILLAGE'

Village Plan Constitution

At the July 2014 meeting of the Beech Hill Steering Committee the committee formally adopted a constitution, which can be read by clicking on the image of page 1 below.
The constitution, originally drawn up by the previous Village Plan Group, was based on that of the Mortimer Village Partnership which is Mortimer's village action group. Their constitution has been amended to fit the circumstances and situation of Beech Hill, a much smaller village than Mortimer.
The first page - the introduction - is shown below. Click on it to read the whole document.

Beech Hill Village Plan

The Beech Hill Village Plan was signed off in March 2013. To read the full document click on the image below -

Village Plan Survey: Preliminary Findings

At the Jubilee Tea on 5th June the Village Plan group showed a few slides of the initial findings from the survey. View the slides below or click here to see a PDF version of the slides. Please note that these slides were produced from the raw data from the questionnaire which we received back from the Greenham Common Trust just days before the event. As such, it is possible that closer analysis of the data could produce different results.

Beech Hill Village plan

In common with many villages around the country Beech Hill is in the process of producing a village plan.
There are many uses to which the plan can be put.  These are just some:
  • We can use it to suggest (through the Parish Council) better ways to spend our taxes in a way that most people will feel beneficial.
  • We can put pressure on various bodies to provide needed facilities.
  • We can prove that project requests have broad support within the village, which increases the likelihood of receiving funding
  • We might be able to persuade transport companies to provide a better service.

Village Plan


 Click to read the 9 step village plan process
The Village Plan has for a number of years been one of the main tools used by local authorities to guide development of their services to rural communities. The idea is that the plan is developed by the local community and that all local authority departments use it to help shape local services. Also fund providers, such as The National Lottery, use Village Plans to justify their allocation of money to village projects.   
Many villages in West Berks already have their plans in place, and it has been on the ‘to do’ list in Beech Hill for some time now. On September 25th however our planning process was kick started into life by Mike Methven, Chairman of the parish council, who convened a small group of local people to meet with Sarah Ward from Community Action West Berkshire to agree a way forward.  At this meeting it was decided to start the development of the Beech Hill plan by forming a committee of interested local people and beginning the task of finding out what village residents want. 
It was decided to gather ideas and interests during the annual Beech Hill bonfire and torchlit procession on Sunday evening November 13th when traditionally people of all ages come together to enjoy the bonfire and have a delicious supper in the memorial hall. All local people will be able to express their views and opinions on a whole range of issues from transport to toddler groups and allotments to oil buying as well as offer their involvement in the plan building process. 
Chairman of the parish council, Mike Methven said “This is a fantastic opportunity for the people of Beech Hill to decide what we want to further improve living in our village. With the building of the new Memorial Hall and the ongoing work to provide a shop we have proved that our small community is able to work together to make great things happen. The village planning process will ensure that we tackle the most popular demands, with the justification for any required funding, while being able to demonstrate that we have the weight of village opinion behind us. Other villages have found that the process of building the plan has resulted in many people making new friends and discovering shared interests. Let’s have fun making a realistic plan for our village of Beech Hill
As we are right at the beginning of the plan building process, we would particularly like people who have not been so involved with village life to take a more active part. Please let us know about your interests and in what aspects you would like to be involved. Be sure to sign up on the bonfire night, send an email to webmaster [at] or speak to a parish councillor.


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