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Libraries at home - volunteers needed

From Felicity Harrison Principal Librarian, Culture and Environmental Protection West Berkshire Council

The West Berkshire At Home Service is a free service for West Berkshire residents. We deliver books and other library materials to people who find it hard to get out of their homes without help due to disability, illness, mobility or frailty. At Home Service customers have access to the same range of materials and services as library users, and the service is delivered every three weeks, by specially trained volunteers.


Scams Awareness Month - Telephone Scams

As part of Scams Awareness Month, This week is focused on Telephone Scams. Copied below is an article from Citizens advice Bureau giving some very useful advice on how to deal with those nuisance telephone calls sent to me from the Neighbourhood Watch team:

West Berkshire Collective Energy Switching Scheme

The ‘free to join’ Big Community Switch scheme negotiates competitive prices with energy companies on behalf of local residents. Residents should register their interest in the scheme before a competitive process to find the best deal for the group. Those who have registered will then be given a personalised offer showing how much could be saved by switching. There is no obligation to switch.

To register or find out more, visit


Warning! Distraction Burglaries

It appears that here has been an increase recently in attempted 'Distraction Burglaries' apparently committed by travelers in the area. The typical operation is that one person knocks on the door of a property and distracts the attention of the owner whilst a second person goes round the back and breaks in!
You can minimize the risk by keeping doors and windows secure and by making access to the back/side of your property difficult. If you have an unexpected caller be alert as to what is happening round you, and do not agree to anything or let them in.

Christmas Refuse Collection

With Christmas and New Year having three bank holidays in two weeks, the dates for refuse collection is a little more complicated than for any other Bank Holiday with two collections beig two days late, and collections not getting back to normal until 19th January. The collection dates are summarised in the leaflet reproduced below. Please remember you can check on refuse collection dates and which bin to put out at any time by clicking on 'Refuse Collection' under 'Services' or by going directly to Refuse Collection


Scams Awareness Month

taken from an email to Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators from Catherine Dunn, Campaigns, Events an Database Manager of the Neighbourhood Watch Network

May is Scams Awareness Month!  As you are probably aware, there are thousands of different types of scams, and it can get confusing and difficult to know how best to protect yourself.


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