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Remembrance Day in Beech Hill

Date and Time: 
Sunday 11th November 10:45am
Event Details: 

Full details on the Memorial Hall website

Beech Hill Remembers and says Thank You SUNDAY 11TH NOVEMBER - 10.45 TO 11.15AM [approx] in the Memorial Hall. remembrance Please join together on this special day to mark the end of the First World War 100 years ago. We will listen to some readings, listen to the Cenotaph lead-in to the 2 minute silence at 11am and lower and raise the flag, Please bring any memories and pictures with you to remember past family members and to Nationally say, 'thank you' for all those who served or made the ultimate sacrifice so that we live in Peace. At 12.30 the bells are being rung Nationally and St Mary's 3 bells will ring out and again at 7.03pm Nationally - this will be during our village bonfire all together.


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