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Cinema at Beech Hill - A Street Cat Named Bob

Date and Time: 
Tuesday 22nd May 7:30 for 8pm
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So, we have reached the final film of the 17-18 season, I do hope you have enjoyed this year’s selection and that you will come back to see our new programme in September! We decided to end with the heart warming true story of recovering drug addict, James Bowen and a cat named Bob. Here is a user review from ImdB. I think it says it all!
‘As an avid cat lover I was always going to enjoy this movie. And as a person who myself suffered an addiction, and am in recovery, I totally related to the Lead Character in every way. Whilst dealing with the subject of addiction is a very difficult issue to cover, I thought this movie covered it well. Highlighting the lead character's isolation, detachment from the outside World and people in general........and the redemption he found by meeting Bob, a wandering cat, who just happened to enter his life.
The touching story line that involved the developing relationship between him and Bob was beautifully told. The cat made him smile again, gave him a reason to live. His social skills with people were not good but with the cat, he became stronger and happier as each day passed.
This was a wonderfully uplifting film I related to on so many levels. Excellent acting, and Bob the cat. was the best of them !’ by David-78697

Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Beech Hill Memorial Hall

7.30pm doors open. Film starts 8.00pm

£5 adults. Children under 14 £2.50   (includes complimentary hot or soft drink).

Refreshments will be available for purchase during the interval.



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