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Paper Ten Pound Notes

The old paper ten pound notes, the latest of which featured naturalist Charles Darwin, go out of circulation on March 1st, after which you will not be able to spend them in shops.

The plastic £10 note which was issued last September will then be the only ones which will be accepted.

According to the BBC there are still 2.1 billion pounds worth of the old notes still in circulation, so look in your wallet, purse, money box (including the kids' money boxes), behind the clock, in that old sock under the mattress, anywhere you may have one of these notes, and spend it before next Thursday. One good place to spend it of course is in the Beech Hill Village Shop!

The notes will continue to be legal tender after that date, in that they will still be worth ten pounds, but all you will be able to do with them will be to take them to your local bank (though some may not accept them) or to send/take them to the Bank of England to be exchanged for new ones.


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