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A Service of Restitution (Baptist Chapel)

Date and Time: 
Sunday 15th October 3pm
Event Details: 

You are invited to support the Beech Hill Baptist Chapel in A Service of Restitution on Sunday15th October at 3pm in the Baptist Chapel, Chapel Drive (off Wood Lane).

The Baptist Chapel has been through difficult times in the early years of its 293 year history, but has come through all the challenges it faced.

More recently, in 2016 the chapel was in difficulty again. With only six member, three of whom were not well enough to take an active part in church activities, and all of whom were getting on in years, they called upon the services of The Grace Baptist Partnership (GBP), an organization claiming to turn round failing churches. However, the GBP took over the chapel with the existing member having to re-join the church under a new GBP covenant imposing a 'Closed Communion Table'  which was totally contrary to the original trust, and practice of the Beech Hill members ever since of an 'Open Communion Table' open to all.

This was totally unacceptable to the existing members with four of them resigning, leaving two to fight on.

In recent weeks The Baptist Union, who hold the property in trust, have told the Grace Baptist Partnership to hand the chapel back to the remaining two members and congregation to enable them to contnue in accordance with the original Trust

To celebrate this milestone this Service of Restitution is being held in the chapel at 3pm on Sunday. All are welcome.


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