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Notes from Parish Council meeting

The Beech Hill Parish Council meeting on Tuesday (12th September) discussed a number of items which may be of interest to those not at the meeting.

  • The Libraries Manager at West Berks Council, Mr Paul James attended the meeting to give an update on the library service in our area. Despite earlier plans to close Mortimer Library, it will now remain open, albeit with reduced staff - one paid librarian plus volunteers. A kiosk will be installed in the library to allow members of the public to borrow and return books without taking up the time of the librarian. Mr James reminded us of the 'at home service' for people unable to get out - books will be brought right into their home, library books can be ordered on-line. It is hoped to reinstate the Mobile Library service, and one suggestion made was to have it at the Memorial Hall to coincide with the Village Afternoon Teas.
  • Despite the proposed 'Garden Village' at Grazely not being selected by the Government eariler this year, it looks as though it has not completely disappeared. District Councillor Graham Bridgman reported that West Berkshire Council's Planning and Transport Manager, Bryan Little, will be attending the Mortimer Parish Council meeting on 12th October to give us his thoughts on the project, and that other parishes are welcome to attend. If it goes ahead there will be 15,000 new houses between Grazeley and the M4.
  • As you may already know, the Boundaries Commission is looking at changing the ward boundaries in West Berkshire. (see Currently Beech Hill (together with Mortimer) is represented by two councillors - Mollie Lock and Graham Bridgman. The original proposal was that Mortimer would have only one district councillor, and Beech Hill would join with Burghfield with two district councillors. The latest suggestion is to combine Mortimer, Burghfield and Beech Hill (together with other small parishes) into one ward represented by three district councillors. A ten-week consultation period started at the end of August to allow members of the public to comment on these suggestions - or even make new suggestions. The Consultation period ends on 6th November, so you still have time to comment. The link to the discussion documents, and how to add your coments are on



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