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Ultra-fast Broadband is coming to Beech Hill

The Oxfordshire internet company Gigaclear is in the process of installing fibre optic Fibre To The Home (FTTH) internet connection to rural villages throughout Berkshire, Oxfordshire and surrounding area. This will potentially give up to a thousand megabits per second (Mbps) data rates to every house in Beech Hill compared with the current Superfast Broadband at between 30 and 80Mbps, and 10Mbps or less for a standard phone line (i.e. up to 100 time faster than your current speed).

According to the Gigaclear website installation is due to commence in Beech Hill in August, however, according to local sources this date is probably rather optimistic. Gigaclear is currently being installed in Mortimer (hence the roadworks!)

Installation involves the laying of fibre optic cable in the road with access points outside every premise in the village. In order to make use of the faster speeds that this cable can provide you will need new equipment installed in your house/business and take out a new contract with Gigaclear, in the same way as you would/did for Suprefast Broadband or for any other cable operator in larger towns and cities.

For more information about Gigaclear and the speed/cost options available, and to register an interest or order a connection look on the Gigaclear website at


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