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Pudding Evening

Date and Time: 
Saturday 17th June. 7:30pm
Event Details: 

lots of puddings plus a grinning milk jelly!

Pudding Evening

On Saturday 17th June at 7:30pm the Beech Hill Memorial Hall will be hosting a Pudding Evening in support of “The Big Lunch”, a national incentive to bring communities together to share food, company and stories.

The idea is for everyone to have dinner at home and then all gather at the hall bringing your pudding with you to share! It can be anything - cake, fruit salad, meringue, ice-cream, jelly or whatever you fancy!

The Hall will have tea, coffee, wine and soft drinks to help wash it down.

There is no cost, we would just love to see you there and enjoy an evening together.

The Big Lunch. An Eden Project. Lottery Funded


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