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Welcome to the new-look Beech Hill Village Website.

The Beech Hill Village website at is run by, and for the villagers of Beech Hill in West Berkshire, and is funded by Beech Hill Parish Council.

The site covers items of local news and events together with information useful to both newcomer and long-term residents of our village.

What's New.
The new site has been designed to be more user-friendly both for the visitor to the site, and for those contributing items to the site. The first thing you will notice is that there are links right on the home page to all the latest news and events which is automatically updated  when an item is added.

We have introduced a registration system which will enable users to receive email notification whenever anything is added to the site on a chosen topic; to leave comments on certain topics; to contribute to our message board; and to receive emails from the Parish Council, Event organizers and other authorized users (this, in due course, will replace the all@beechillvillage email address). In time everyone currently on the all@beechhillvillage mailing list will be registered on this site, though everyone will receive an email asking them to complete the registration process. Registration is open to anyone in the village or anyone who has close connections with the village.

To leave comments either on the message board or on other pages on the website you need to log in with the username and password you chose at the time of registering. This prevents anyone with malicious intent from posting inappropriate messages, thus making this website safer and a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

If you have an article, news item or event you would like placed on the website then please send it to webmaster [at] or send a message via the Feedback form
If you would like to contribute regularly to the website you can apply to become a 'Contributor''. Contributors will be able to add new content to the website such as news items, events etc direct from their computer using a simple word processor type interface. If you would like to become a contributor please contact the webmaster direct at webmaster [at] or use the feedback form.

We hope you enjoy the new website; use it and contribute to it. We welcome your comments either via the message board, the comment forms on various pages, or via the feedback form.

About Cookies
EU legislation which came into force on 26th May 2012 requires all websites to inform users of any cookies being used on their sites and to give them the option to disable them.
For all anonymous users (that is, those who have not logged in) we use one cookie which has the sole purpose of speeding up the navigation between pages. When a user logs in another cookie is created which remembers the user's log-in status and permissions allowing them to post messages, leave comments and access pages which are not available to anonymous users. This cookie is deleted as soon as you log out.
Our cookies will never be used to transfer anything (including personal information or browsing habits) to anybody.
You can choose to disable cookies by going to your browser settings screen (usually found under 'tools' or 'options'). This will disable cookies not only for this site but for all websites. There is currently no way to disable cookies solely for the Beech Hill Village website.
The consequence of disabling cookies as far as this site is concerned for the anonymous visitor is slightly longer times to navigate between pages. For registered user the consequence of disabling cookies will be that they will no longer be able to log in, post messages or leave comments or access restricted pages.


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