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West Berkshire Collective Energy Switching Scheme

The ‘free to join’ Big Community Switch scheme negotiates competitive prices with energy companies on behalf of local residents. Residents should register their interest in the scheme before a competitive process to find the best deal for the group. Those who have registered will then be given a personalised offer showing how much could be saved by switching. There is no obligation to switch.

To register or find out more, visit

You will need to have your latest energy bill to hand, as you’ll need the details during the registration process. Registration is open until midnight on Monday 10 October 16.

For the autumn auction, there is also assistance available for West Berkshire residents without internet access, anyone interested in this should call the Project Officer on 01635 503267 (Tuesdays 10am-12pm, Wednesdays 2pm-4pm), remember to have you energy bill or annual statement to hand.

The scheme is administered by West Berkshire Council

Big Community Switch Can you get a better energy deal? Join the West Berks Energy Switch. If you’ve never switched energy supplier or haven’t switched recently, you may be missing out on cheaper tariffs and the opportunity to fix your energy prices. West Berkshire Council is urging residents to sign up to West Berkshire’s Energy Switch. West Berkshire Energy Switch supports people who want to pay less for their energy bills and is delivered by the Council and The Big Community Switch. Register your interest,with no obligation to switch,by midnight Monday 10 October 2016. Sign up or find out more: West Berkshire Council



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