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Minutes of Steering Committee SGM

Minutes of the Special General Meeting of the Beech Hill Steering Committee held at Beech Hill Memorial Hall on 12 May 2015
Present: Peter Simpson (chairman) David Simpson (secretary) Cllr. Graham Bridgman West Berkshire District Council as an observer.
There were no other committee members or villagers present at the meeting.
The meeting opened at 19:40 with Peter Simpson in the chair.
Appologies had been received from Hannah Callier, Hayley Sheradon, Will Anstice and Jude Cresswell.
The chairman read out comments received by email from Stuart Barry, Christine Barry, Hannah Callier Jude Creswell and Will Anstice.
The Chairman and Secretary also made some comments.
The motion to ‘Dissolve the Beech Hill Steering Committee and hand all responsibility for the Beech Hill Village Plan to the Parish Council’ was voted upon by paper ballot including votes received by email.
Cllr. Bridgman counted the votes, and the result was as follows:
Those in favour of the motion 4
Those against the motion 2
The motion was therefore carried by the requisite two thirds majority.
The meeting closed at 20:05

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, May 12, 2015 - 11:10


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