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Minutes of Steering Committee Meeting 15 April 2015

Minutes of the Beech Hill Steering Committee Meeting held on 15 April 2015 at Trunkwell House

Present: Bob Walton (Chairman), Peter Simpson (secretary), Hannah Callier, Jude Cresswell, David Simpson, Hayley Sheradon.
The meeting opened at 7:30pm with Bob Walton in the Chair.
Apologies for absence received from Charlie Carter
The meeting took the form of a general discussion of the progress of the Steering Committee and its future.
The following comments were made:
“the Steering Committee had been formed to bring the village together following the acrimonious events of early 2013 it had achieved a lot and done all it could do, and that the Village Plan should be handed back to the Parish Council and the Steering Committee should then become a ‘community committee’ which would among other things organize a village fete and publish a village magazine.”
“The Steering Committee had been formed “…to manage the on-going implementation of the Plan…” and as such had made very little progress, especially in regard of high priority actions.”
“A lot of the high priority points are already under investigation with the Parish Council such as traffic problems and busses, so it would make sense for the Parish Council to own the plan and govern the activities to avoid duplication.”

“Should the plan go back to the Parish Council then the proposed 'Community Committee' would be happy to support as it could and look for ways to attract volunteers to help in Work Groups aligned with the actions.”
“The Steering Committee has ignored the high priority actions with the direct consequence of relentless criticism and accusation of inaction both from the Parish Council and other Beech Hill residents.”
“I believe the Steering Committee has now done all it can with the Village Action Plan and therefore should hand over the points left to the Parish Council. The Parish Council are actually already dealing with the all same issues already, it does not make sense to me to have 2 groups in such a small community working on the same things.”
“A recent email from Tessa Hall gave a long list of things we could do as a steering committee to implement the Village Plan without usurping or duplicating the Parish Council”
“I don’t believe there is now a need for a Steering Committee; I would however be very happy to be nominated to lead or be part of a Community Group in the Village”
“As from 7 May the Parish Council will only have 3 members so will be under-resourced and may not be able to provide the required commitment to delivering the plan.
“A Steering committee with commitment to implementing the high priority actions could, for instance, do such things as investigate traffic calming measures in other villages which would then be passed on to the Parish Council”
David announced that he had nominated Peter to stand for Chairman of the Steering Committee. This was followed by an announcement by Bob that he would resign from the committee.
The option of Dissolving the Steering Committee was considered, but as this required a specific item on the agenda of either an AGM or SGM, and that it was too late to add it to the forthcoming AGM it was decided to allow the AGM to go ahead as planned and to let the villagers decide how to proceed.

The meeting closed at 9:30pm 

Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, April 15, 2015 - 22:33


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