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Village Plan Minutes 15 October 2014

Beech Hill Steering Committee

Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 15th October 2014 at 7:30pm at Trunkwell House.
Present: Bob Walton (Chairman), Peter Simpson (Secretary), David Simpson, David Seward, Jude Cresswell, Hannah Callier, Hayley Sheradon
Also present: Danusia Morsley – Chairman of Mortimer Village Partnership.
Apologies received from Anna Roberts, Laura Bell, Tessa Hall and Charlie Carter.
Report by Danusia Morsley:
Danusia told how after a shaky start 10 years ago, and conflicts with the Parish Council the Mortimer Village Partnership (MVP) relaunched 5 years ago with a questionnaire to everyone over 14 including topics such as Communication, clubs, events and volunteering. From the many positive responses they were able to put on an annual ‘Mortimer Fun Day’ (the Mortimer Show had lapsed a number of years earlier), start a Film Club, and a Lunch Club along with many other clubs and events. Two important aspects of the MVP was the launching of a Closed Facebook Group to keep people informed, and being financially independent of the Parish Council which allowed them to use proceeds from one event to support others, and to enable them to get things done more quickly than having to seek Parish Council approval for everything and enable them to apply for grants.
Report from the Parish Council – David Simpson
  David told the committee that the Parish Council’s insurers had advised that it would be more cost-effective for the Steering Committee to have its own insurance rather than have a combined Parish Council/Steering Committee policy.  He also said that the Parish Council would prefer the Steering Committee to have its own bank account for day-to-day expenses, though they were still willing to receive requests for funding for specific items.
In light of the Parish Council report and the comments by the Chairman of Mortimer Village Partnership, the Chairman proposed that we set up a bank account for the Steering Committee and appoint a treasurer. This was agreed by all. David Seward was appointed Treasurer and asked to open a bank account at the Mortimer branch of NatWest Bank with himself and the Chairman as signatories.
Report on the Beech Hill Festival – Bob Walton
Bob conceded that the takeup of Beech Hill stands and attendance at the event was rather disappointing, although the evening musical events were much more successful. Bob is planning that next year the event will concentrate more on the musical side of the event with more local bands.
Neighbourhood Watch – Peter Simpson
Peter reported that Neighbourhood Watch signs had gone up all around the village, and that now, everyone who is on the village-wide email list receives Neighbourhood Alert Messages.
Heartstart course and Defibrillator – David Simpson
David reported that the Heartstart course planned for 28th October is now fully booked with 12 participants. He also stated that at the last Parish Council meeting the council had resolved that the deployment of defibrillator(s) in the village should be the responsibility of the Parish Council. It is still their intention to have two defibrillators in the village – one donated by the Swallowfield First Responders (when they have raised sufficient funds) and one funded by the Parish Council.
Painting/Tidying of Village Entrances
Welcome Pack – Hannah Callier
Hannah said that she had almost finished the draft of the Welcome Packs (one for existing residents and one for new residents), but was awaiting information on local Buying Groups. She asked for the required permission to use the photograph of the garden of ‘Broadview’ (Tegwyn John’s house, as used on the village website) on the Welcome letter. She also asked for more information about the Sports Equipment held in the shop.
Map of Village Walks
David Simpson reported that the Parish Council was now dealing with this.
Revival of Village Fete/Flower & Produce Show.
It was agreed that this event should take the place of the Hog Roast/Barbecue held in recent years at the Memorial Hall in the Summer. The possibility of expanding onto the village green was also discussed. It was agreed that organization of this event should start as soon as possible after Christmas.
Ways to help older and less mobile members of the community.
Shinfield run a Voluntary Car service for transporting those without their own transport to medical appointments, shops, libraries etc. It was suggested that Beech Hill residents could use this service, however there may be difficulties with the Shinfield group being based in Wokingham District and linked to Swallowfield Medical Practise. It was suggested that we see if Mortimer has a similar project we could join, or setting up our own scheme either independently or jointly with Mortimer.
Any Other Business
Hannah suggested, and it was agreed that we should look into setting up a Facebook page for Beech Hill. Peter thought that a Beech Hill Facebook name had already been registered by Mike Methven, though because of Mike’s ill health it would not at present be possible to verify this.
Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will be on Tuesday 2nd December at 7:30pm in Trunkwell House.
The meeting closed at 9:30pm

Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, October 15, 2014 - 22:07


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