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Village Plan Minutes 26 August 2014

Beech Hill Steering Committee
Minutes of meeting held at Trunkwell House on Tuesday 26th August 2014.
Present: Bob Walton, Chairman (BW); Peter Simpson, Secretary (PS); Charlie Carter, PCC (CC), Laura Bell, Memorial Hall (LB); David Simpson, Parish Council (DS); Hayley Sheradon, Allotments Trust (HS).
Apologies received from David Seward, Jude Cresswell and Hannah Callier.
Minutes of previous meeting:  approved.
Matters Arising: The copies of the Village Plan are held by: 1.West Berkshire Council, 2.Beech Hill Parish Council, 3.Community Council for Berkshire,  4.Beech Hill Steering Committee, 5.the Memorial Hall, 6.the Parochial Church Council, 7.the Allotments Trust, 8.The Elm Tree, and three copies are held by the secretary for future requirements.
 Peter was asked to request members to notify him if they cannot attend the next meeting.
Meeting with Mortimer Village Partnership: This was postponed till the next meeting.
Neighbourhood Watch: Peter reported that he had received ten Neighbourhood Watch signs and was seeking permission to erect them on various telegraph poles around the village. Peter was asked to obtain some Neighbourhood Watch stickers.
Take Pride in your Village Day: This has been postponed until Spring due to shortage of volunteers. It was agreed that the village gates should be strimmed and painted before winter. Bob to arrange.
Beech Hill festival: (previously Beech Hill Show) Bob reported that this will now be a one-day event from 1pm to 8pm with free stands for Beech Hill organisations and free entry to Beech Hill residents. Bob was asked to record the number of Beech Hill residents attending the Festival. It was suggested that the Steering committee should have a stand at the festival which would show a list of achievements so far. Charlie proposed a vote of thanks to Bob for making Trunkwell House available for this event.
Heartstart Course and Defibrillator. David reported that the Heartstart Course is scheduled for Tuesday 28th October and that posters are already on all three of the village noticeboards. Swallowfield Responders are presently raising funds to place a defibrillator in every village in the area, including Beech Hill.  The committee agreed that a second defibrillator was desirable (to have one at each end of the village) though funding for this second defibrillator was not discussed. It was agreed that Swallowfield Responders should be invited to have a stand (free of charge) at the Beech Hill Festival. It was suggested that we should investigate a general First Aid course.
Welcome Pack. Hannah is working on this and investigating sponsorship by one of the local Estate Agents. It was suggested in an email from Tessa that funding may also be available from the Greenham Common Trust. It was proposed that in addition to the Welcome Pack that we should also look into publishing a quarterly newsletter. Grants may be available from Greenham Common Trust. A volunteer would be required to provide content.
Map of Village Walks. Graham Bell is to give a presentation to the next Parish Council meeting.
Responsibility for carrying out Village Plan Actions. (is it the Parish Council, the Steering Committee or another body who should undertake the implementation of the various actions listed in the Village Plan?). It was decided to defer this until after the meeting with Mortimer Village Partnership at which their advice would be sought.
Any Other Buisiness.
It was suggested that we should try to revive the Village Fete/Flower and Produce Show which was a major village event up to the mid 1990s.
It was suggested that we should look at ways in which we could help the older and less mobile members of our community.
Date of next meeting. The next meeting will be on Wednesday 15th October at 7:30pm in Trunkwell House.

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - 22:04


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