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Village Plan Minutes 9 June 2014

Minutes of meeting of the Beech Hill Steering Committee held on 9th June 2014 at Trunkwell House
Bob Walton -  Chairman (BW)
Peter Simpson – Secretary (PS)
Tessa Hall – Community Council for Berkshire (TH)
Charlie Carter – PCC (CC)
David Simpson – Parish Council (DS)
Hannah Boston-Callier – Social and Amenities (HBC)
Hayley Sheridan – Allotments Trust (HS)
David Seward (DWS)
Apologies received from Laura Bell, Anna Roberts, Jude Cresswell and Layne Kraeling
As Charlie Carter had to leave the meeting early the sequence of the agenda was adjusted to suit.
Report on meeting with Parish Council
Bob reported on a very constructive informal meeting between himself and Martin Plank, Chairman of the Parish Council. They had agreed that the village should be represented by the steering group and that the Steering Committee and Parish Council should work together. Projects mentioned were the provision of a defibrillator, litter-picking and a map of village walks.
Charlie Carter congratulated the Chairman for his superb work in building bridges with the Parish Council.
In response to an observation that Village Action Groups in other villages were sub-committees of their Parish Council, the committee unanimously agreed that the informal, relatively unstructured format, typical of recent Steering Committee meetings would stimulate more discussion and progress than the more structured, restrictive format of a Parish Council meeting.
It was suggested that at the next meeting we should go through the Village Plan Actions to decide which were best actioned by the Parish Council, and which by the Steering Committee.
Bob is to attend and report to the Parish Council Meeting on July 15th.
Forthcoming events triggered by Village Plan actions:
  • Neighbourhood Watch meeting for the whole village arranged for 8th July. [‘To increase membership of Neighbourhood Watch Groups is an action in the Village Plan] Action PS
  • ‘Take Pride in your Village’ day:  late August (probably 30th) [‘Reducing Litter’ is an action in the Village Plan]
  • Beech Hill Show: September 6th and 7th  [aimed to promote inclusiveness and a sense of community] Action BW
  • In support of the Parish Council’s desire to obtain a defibrillator for the village and to provide Heartstart courses in Beech Hill, The Steering Committee is to arrange a Heartstart Course to take place in October. David to contact Swallowfield First Responders. Action DS
  • Produce a  ‘Welcome Pack’ (possibly sponsored by one of the local Estate Agents) and distributed to all households in the village and newcomers to the village. This pack would include useful information about the village and details of local organizations and groups. Hannah to investigate. Action HBC [this ties in with the Village Plan action to ‘Increase the inclusiveness of the village’]
The ‘Take Pride in your Village’ day would include litter-picking, re-painting and grass-cutting around village Entrance Gates, should involve the children of the village as much as possible, and possibly include a Treasure Hunt to add interest. Hannah to arrange. David and Tessa are to investigate adequacy and availability of existing Insurance cover from the Parish Council and others.. Action HBC, TH and DS.
Village Plan Document
It was agreed that the Actions section of the Village Plan document be replaced with a more legible version (with increased point size) yet maintain exactly the same information as given in the original. Ten copies of the Village Plan Document should then be printed and placed at locations where villagers would have easy access. It was agreed to place copies in the Memorial Hall and in the Church/shop. Copies would be held by the Steering Committee, Parish Council, West Berkshire Council and the Community Council for Berkshire. The remainder would be kept as spares or to be placed in locations yet to be identified.
Date of next meeting
The next meeting of the Beech Hill Steering committee will be on Monday 14th July at 7:30pm at Trunkwell House.
Meeting Date: 
Monday, June 9, 2014 - 17:30


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