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Scams Awareness Month

taken from an email to Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators from Catherine Dunn, Campaigns, Events an Database Manager of the Neighbourhood Watch Network

May is Scams Awareness Month!  As you are probably aware, there are thousands of different types of scams, and it can get confusing and difficult to know how best to protect yourself.

According to the Trading Standards Institute, only five per cent of scams are reported.  This is because so many people feel shame or embarrassment at being caught out.  We don't want people to suffer in silence.  We want you to help us encourage your neighbours, relatives and friends to report scams or attempted scams to or 0300 123 2040.

You can download useful anti-scam resources from, a charity protecting elderly and vulnerable people from scams.  For a small charge of £2 to cover postage and packing you can also order hard copies of A4/A5 posters from them - contact advice [at] for more information.

This week the campaign is focusing on online scams.  For information about staying safe online, we recommend you visit or  Both of those sites have lots of useful information.

More information is available in the Scams Awareness Month pack at


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