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Minutes of Steering Committee meeting 25th February 2014

Minutes of Beech Hill Village Action Group Steering Committee held on Tuesday 25th February at 7:30pm in Memorial Hall.
Present: Peter Simpson, David Simpson, Tessa Hall, Lesley Boardman, Hayley Sheridan, Hannah Boston-Callier, Laura Bell and Anna Roberts

The meeting opened at 7:30pm with Peter Simpson in the chair (Bob Walton – chairman - being unable to attend due to other commitments).

Apologies were received from Bob Walton (chairman), David Seward and Charlie Carter

Peter opened the meeting with an introduction for new members to inform them on the events that have happened over the past year. Peter Welland and Lawrie Lee have stood down from the committee and Charlie Carter has joined.
Tessa Hall from the Community Council for Berkshire verified the minutes from the Steering Committee held on the 24th January 2014.

Make up and role of the steering committee discussed. Tessa Hall ran through ‘Establishing the Steering Group’ documentation. It was agreed that the steering committee should consist of mixture of members of the village including representatives from the Parish Council, Memorial Hall, Churches, Allotments Trust and the Village Shop. Also a lead member from each of the Action Groups should form the steering committee.
Possible representatives from each group:
Parish Council – David Simpson – subject to confirmation at next Parish Council meeting
Memorial Hall – Laura Bell – Agreed
PCC – Lesley Boardman – Lesley to agree with PCC her involvement in the steering committee
Allotments Trust – Hayley Sheridan – Hayley to agree with Allotments trust her involvement
Village Shop  – Lesley to speak to Jude Cresswell to see if she would be interested
Planning and Environment – Layne Kraeling
Social and Amenities – Hannah Boston-Callier
Transport and Highway – David Simpson

The Budget was discussed and the possible options of having a specific bank account for the Village Action Group or whether it was a possibility to use the Parish Council bank account.  We would need to investigate various options once the steering committee was up and running. There are no current funds as it stands, the new steering committee would need to start a fresh with raising funds and applying for grants.

Constitution discussed but it was agreed to postpone sign off until the full steering committee had been formed to give all members the opportunity to agree it.
Tessa Hall ran through what the Community Council for Berkshire and West Berks Council can do for us and what they expect from us. Areas included were that the Steering Committee will be responsible for submitting six monthly reports on the plans progression and that there are Parish plan surgeries and training sessions available 2-3 times per year for us to attend. Documentation available for more details.

Website – the role of the village website was discussed and Tessa Hall recommended that the Village Action Group publish any successes on the website to inform the village of progress and drum up support of volunteers.

Next Steps Discussed – Get all representatives together at the next steering committee meeting to agree the constitution and understand current progress to date with the plan. The group agreed to hold off on sending out the current Village Plan to all households in the village. It was deemed important to communicate an update of the plan and which projects have been completed and started. It will be decided at the next meeting the best method to communicate these achievements.

Any Other Business: None
Date of next Meeting: Thursday 3rd April 2014 at Trunkwell House (subject to availability)
The meeting closed at 9:15pm.
  • to agree her involvement in steering committee with the PCC
  • to speak to Jude to see if she is interested in representing the village shop on the steering committee
  • to agree her involvement in steering committee with the Allotments Trust
  • Identify those action which have already been completed already, or progress made.
  • Identify other village oganisations to have representation on the committee


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