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Minutes of Steering Committee meeting 24 January 2014


Minutes of Beech Hill Village Action Group Steering Committee held on Friday 24 January at 7:30pm in Trunkwell House

Present: Bob Walton MBE (Chairman), Peter Simpson
Also present: Tessa Hall (Community Council for Berkshire)
The meeting opened at 7:30pm with Bob Walton in the chair.
Apologies were received from Anna Roberts, David Seward and Charlie Carter.
Names of original members and any new members:  Of the original members, Peter Welland has asked to resign due to work commitments incurred since being appointed. As Lawrie Lee had not attended any meeting since the first, and had said that a heavy workload and frequent late evenings were making it difficult to attend meetings, it was suggested that it might be prudent to ask Lawrie to come back to us with his thoughts on whether he has the time to commit to the steering committee. It was felt that we should advertise for volunteers to join the Steering Committee. Peter to email everyone in Beech Hill asking for volunteers
Chairman’s Report to date:
I was extremely pleased that we have had time to evaluate the position in the village and after the Beech Hill Show in September 2013 when all the different village groups and associations attended; we really need to start now putting in place the Village Action Plan. We should have regular Steering Committee meetings inviting all representatives of each of the categories from the Action Groups to attend. Tessa Hall was welcomed to also attend our meetings and will advise the Steering Committee on Council grants that are available for village projects
Discuss having Chairman or a member of the Parish Council (PC) to be present at meetings. It was agreed that the Parish Council be asked to nominate a PC member to attend Steering Committee meetings as an observer. Peter to write to Clerk
To agree that Tessa Hall from West Berkshire Council to be the Steering Committee’s advisor. Agreed.
Moving Action Plan Forward.  It was agreed to ask for representatives of each of the three volunteer groups (Transport and Highways, Planning and Environment, Social and Amenities) to join the Steering committee. Peter to email the groups to ask for volunteers for this role
All other groups to be discussed. It was agreed to ask for representatives of the shop, both churches, Allotments Trust and Memorial Hall to join the steering committee. Peter to email these organizations to ask for volunteers for this role.
Beech Hill Show 2014. Bob confirmed that the show would be held over two days over the weekend of 6th September. As before, entrance and stands would be free for Beech Hill residents.
Web Site.  Peter agreed to continue to keep the village website updated with Village Action Group news, and to allow volunteer groups access to post their own material directly onto the website.
Any other Business
Peter suggested that the Village Plan Document be printed and delivered to every household in the village. Tessa told us that funding was available to do this, however, Bob offered to print 120 copies at his own expense dependent on cost and time-scales in receiving funding. Bob to investigate and action.  Peter offered his services to deliver the plan to every household in the village.
Tessa reminded us that there were various grants available including Vibrant Villages, Greenham Common Trust and Awards For All, which included a grant of up to £5000 each year for projects highlighted in the Village Plan.
Tessa also reminded us of various workshops available to help with Village Plan work, including a ‘Building Stronger Communities’ Conference in Newbury on 5th April.
The meeting closed at 9pm.
  • Email Lawrie Lee
  • Email everyone in the village to ask for volunteers to join the steering committee
  • Email Clerk to Parish Council to ask for representative to join the committee
  • Email volunteer groups to ask for representatives to join committee
  • Email shop, churches, Allotments Trust, Memorial Hall to ask for representatives to join the committee
  • Next meeting date.
  • Arrange for printing of Village Plan document


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