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Village Plan Update October 2013


At the first meeting of the new steering committee on 20th April 2013 the Chairman voiced his concern at the sense of acrimony between certain elements of the Beech Hill community relating to the production of the Village Plan. The Chairman suggested that our first priority was to heal these rifts, to allow tempers to cool down and to do something to bring all elements of the village together. He proposed a new Beech Hill Show to be hosted by Trunkwell house on the lines of the Swallowfield Show at which all Beech Hill residents would be admitted free of charge, and that any Beech Hill Organization or club could have a stand in the marquee, also free of charge.
Meetings were held throughout the summer to finalize the details of the show. 
Copied below is an email from Bob Walton sent to all the residents of Beech Hill in July 2013 giving his vision of the show:

 Dear All
The Beech Hill Steering Committee had a meeting on 13th July in the stunning summer sunshine. The committee has been working behind the scenes to look at all elements of the village and how to interact with all these groups.
One of these routes is to bring all the groups together and I am pleased to announce The Beech Hill Show to be held in the grounds of Trunkwell House on September 1st.  We have chosen this day as it follows The Swallowfield Show, which for those of you who remember was historically the day of the Wokingham Show. Also it will give the village an opportunity for all to be involved, whether it's part of The Village Plan, a group, the church, Thrive or just someone who wants to bring the children along to play on the activities.
I am donating The House, Marquees and all the infrastructure to this event so that all the sections of the village life can be represented and showcased for zero cost. There will be a designated area for all these elements of the Village in the Beech Hill Marquee. The Steering committee will be in touch with all of you with more information over the next couple of weeks.
The Beech Hill Show is for everyone in and out of the village and will take on a tradition Show /Fete like feel.  There will be plenty of activities for the children along with inflatables and fair ground attractions. We are looking an area in the middle of the grounds where we will have activities like Falconry Show and herding Ducks, gymnastics, plus other ideas. We will have stall holders selling local produce and classic events like ferret racing, Tug of War, small children's farm and many other attractions, which you will hear about in the coming weeks.  There will of course be a beer tent in the main ground along with afternoon tea and Pims on the lawn, so something for everyone.
It's vital that the whole village comes together in this event, all the committees, groups, Parish, Church etc. but most of all we need all the residents to attend. To this end I have decided not to charge any entrance fee for residents or a stall holder fee to anyone living  Beech Hill. 
Kind regards
Robert Walton MBE

The show took place on 1st September 2014 in glorious sunshine, and was generally regarded as a great success.


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