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Village Plan Update April 2013


A public meeting was held in the Memorial Hall on Friday 12th April to discuss the way forward for the new Village Action Group following the signing off of the Village Plan earlier this year. The meeting, attended by about twenty five villagers was chaired by Charlie Carter, the outgoing chairman of the Village Plan Group.
Following a showing of the Beech Hill Film and a resume of the progress made by the Village Plan Group by Stuart Barry, the Chairman told the meeting that both he and Stuart Barry would be standing down, and would not be seeking re-election.
Included on the agenda was a proposal to adopt a constitution defining the purpose of the Village Action Group and the structure of the new committee which was to include representatives from the major organizations within the village. The Chairman informed the meeting that the proposed committee structure had not met with universal approval within the village as it had the potential for conflicting interests to adversely affect the decisions of the group. The Chairman proposed an alternative structure where a steering group would be made up of independent villagers, that is, people who did not chair other organizations within the village. After some discussion, with general agreement to this proposal the Chairman asked for volunteers to stand on the new committee.
The following people put their names forward:
Bob Walton as chairman;  David Seward;  Peter Welland;  Lawrie Lee; Peter Simpson and Anna Roberts 


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