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Beech Hill has one bus service per week to Reading.
updated July 2017

Service 154 Stratfield Saye - Beech Hill - Loddon Court Farm - Grazeley -  Reading
Thursdays Only

Stratfield Saye - Reading     Reading – Stratfield Saye  
Stratfield Saye,Pheasantry Lodge 0915   Reading, St Mary’s Butts (stop CN) 1210
Stratfield Saye, Green Lane Crossroads 0925   Whitley Street Silver Street 1212
Beech Hill, Opposit Great Hill Farm 0926   Whitley Street 1214
Beech Hill, opposite The Elm Tree PH 0927   Whitley, Christchurch Gardens 1216
Beech Hill, St Mary's Church 0930   Whitley, Long Barn Lane 1218
Beech Hill, Home Farm 0931   Whitley, Buckland Road Junction 1220
Beech Hill, Woodcock Lane 0932   Whitley Park School 1222
Loddon Court Farm, Beech Hill Road West 0933   Whitley, Callington Road 1224
Loddon Court - Mobile Home Park Centre 0935   Whitley Wood, Bennett Road 1226
Loddon Court Farm, Beech Hill Road West 0936   Whitley Wood, Hartland Road 1227
Beech Hill, Woodcock Lane 0937   Whitley Wood, Holiday Inn 1228
Beech Hill, opposite Home Farm 0938   Three Mile Cross Hartley Court Turn 1230
Beech Hill, St. Mary's Church 0939   Grazeley School 1232
Beech Hill, Grazeley Road 0940   Wokefield Park, Beech Hill Road Farm 1233
Beech Hill, Missels Bridge 0940   Beech Hill, Missels Bridge 1234
Wokefield Park, Beech Hill Road Farm 0941   Beech Hill, Grazeley Road 1234
Grazeley, opposite school 0942   Beech Hill, Woodcock Lane 1235
Three Mile Cross, Hartley Court Turn 0947   Loddon Court Farm, Beech Hill Road West 1235
Whitley, Buckland Road Junction 0950   Loddon Court Farm, Mobile Home Park Centre 1236
Reading St Mary’s Butts (Stop CN) 1000   Loddon Court Farm, Beech Hill Road West 1237
      Beech Hill, Woodcock Lane 1238
      Beech Hill, opposite Home Farm 1240
      Beech Hill, St Mary's Church 1242
      Beech Hill, The Elm Tree PH 1244
      Beech Hill, Great Hill Farm 1246
      Stratfield Saye, Green Lane Crossroad 1249
      Stratfield Saye, Pheasantry Lodge 1252

This service is operated by Horseman Coaches and funded by West Berkshire Council, Wokingham District Council and Basingstoke & Deane Council.

Alternatively there are regular bus services from Spencers Wood and the Mereoak Park and Ride (between Grazeley and Three Mile Cross) including a direct service to the Royal Berks Hospital (service 66) with a journey time of 20 minutes.

For more details of routes and times look at the Reading Buses website at or download the reading Buses app

Routes 60, 62, 63 and 66 all go from Mereoak to Reading. Service 7 goes from Spencers wood  to Reading Station, Swallowfield and Risely














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