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Bus Services


Beech Hill has twice-weekly bus services to Reading and Newbury.
updated June 2014

Service 154 Stratfield Saye - Beech Hill - Loddon Court Farm - Grazeley - Morrisons -  Reading
Thursdays and Saturdays
Note: From April this service will only run on Thursdays

Stratfield Saye - Reading     Reading – Stratfield Saye  
Stratfield Saye,Pheasantry Lodge 0920   Reading, St Mary’s Butts 1210
Stratfield Saye, New Street 0930   Morrisons Megastore, Basingstoke Road 1220R
Beech Hill Memorial Hall 0935   Grazeley Railway Bridge 1232
Loddon Court Farm car Park 0940   Loddon Court Farm car park 1235
Grazeley Railway Bridge 0950   Beech Hill Memorial Hall 1242
Morrisons Megastore, Basingstoke Road 0952R   Stratfield Saye New Street 1249
Reading St Mary’s Butts 1005   Stratfield Saye Pheasantry Lodge 1252

R=Served only by request to the driver

As well as stopping at the Memorial Hall the bus also stops at the Elm Tree/Forge.

This service is operated by Horseman Coaches and funded by West Berkshire Council, Wokingham District Council and Basingstoke & Deane Council.

Service 75 Beech Hill - Mortimer - Burghfield Common - Ufton Nervet  - Beenham - Newbury
Tuesdays and Thursdays

From 3 June 2014

Beech Hill - Newbury     Newbury – Beech Hill
Beech Hill. Memorial Hall 0935   Newbury. Bartholemew Street 1325
Beech Hill opp Old Elm Tree 0936   West Berkshire Community Hospital 1331
Mortimer Station (Request Stop)* 0940   Ashmore Green Telephone Box 1336
Mortimer, The Bevers 0946   Cold Ash. St. Finians School 1339
Mortimer. Stephens Close 0948   Beenham. opposit Six Bells 1352
Burghfield Common. former Rising Sun PH 0953   Beenham. Stoneyfield 1354
Burghfield Common. Hawksworth Road 0956   A4 Sulhamstead turn 1358
Burghfield Common. Clay Hill Road Shops 0958   Ufton Nervet Church 1403
Ufton Nervet. Church 1002   Burghfield Common. Clay Hill Road Shops 1407
A4. Sulhamstead turn 1007   Burghfield Common. Hawksworth Road 1409
Beenham, Stoneyfield 1011   Burghfield Common. former Rising Sun PH 1412
Beenham, opp Six Bells 1013   Mortimer, Stephens Close 1417
Cold Ash. St. Finians School 1026   Mortimer Library 1419
Asmore Green. Telephone box 1029   Mortimer Station 1425
West Berkshire Community Hospital 1034   Beech Hill opp The Elm Tree 1429
Newbury Post Office 1040   Beech Hill. Memorial Hall 1420

*The bus will stop at Mortimer Station on the outward journey on request to the driver.
The bus will also pick up between stops by signalling to the driver, and set down between stops on request to the driver.

This service is operated by the Newbury and District Bus Company under contract to West Berkshire Council.













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