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Village Plan Update 26 July 2012


The village Plan Committee has produced a flyer which will be distributed to every household in the village giving details of progress so far, and giving details of the various ways in which villagers could be kept informed and make their views know. A copy of the flyer is shown below. Click on it to open it as a PDF document.

Beech Hill Village Plan Update How you can stay in touch and communicate your views. Following the distribution and return of the questionnaire recently, the next stage in the production of the Beech Hill Village Plan is to produce a Plan Document. The format of the document was discussed at a committee meeting on July 3rd and it was decided to base it on other village plans and guidance from the Community Council for Berkshire. The success of the Plan will depend on its relevance to the people who live in Beech Hill. The committee is therefore keen to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to have their say and keep abreast of developments. Good communication is at the heart of this and in order to improve things we have set up a dedicated email address - plan-comments [at] which will enable anyone to send a message direct to the committee for consideration. We are also using the village website to post updates in the dedicated ‘Village Plan’ section. for updates and reports on previous group meetings, and for more in-depth articles on the village plan process. You can see these pages by clicking on the links or copying and pasting the addresses into your browser. We are aware that not everyone in the village has access to the internet and email and that this can make it harder for them to stay abreast of developments and have their views heard. Since we’re not able to provide further flyers into people’s letterboxes, we ask that if you have a neighbour, relative or friend in the village who doesn’t use a computer, you share updates with them and give them help if needed to communicate their views and suggestions to the committee. Notes (marked ‘Village Plan’) can be put into the letterbox on the gate of the memorial hall and they will be read at committee meetings. Committee members can also be approached at any time to discuss the plan. The following members will be happy to pass views and comments on for consideration as the plan is being formulated: Christine and Stuart Barry, Charlie Carter, Phil Edwards, Fleur Howles, Robert Newman, Hayley Sheridan, Peter and David Simpson. The number of returns we had from the questionnaire demonstrates the high levels of interest in the village planning process. The views expressed through the questionnaire will be reflected in the Plan which will be a statement of intent to ensure any future developments in the village are in the best interests of our community. Nothing is yet set in stone, so you still have time to influence the outcome. We hope that the communication channels outlined here will help everyone to be involved and that the final Plan, submitted to the district council later this year, will be stronger as a result. Your continued interest and inputs are greatly appreciated. Village Plan Committee July 20th 2012


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