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Village Plan Update 3 July 2012

The next stage in the production of the Beech Hill Village Plan is to produce a Plan Document. The format of the document was discussed, based on other village plans and guidance from the Community Council for Berkshire.
The proposed format of our plan document is:

  1. Introduction and purpose of the plan
  2. Development timescale for the plan
  3. Brief History of Beech Hill
  4. The Village today
    1. Demographics
    2. Features
    3. Key Businesses
    4. Main Social activities
    5. Organizations
  5. Summary of Survey Findings in five categories*
  6. Detailed Action Plan
  7. Conclusion
The five categories mentioned above are:
  • a stronger community
  • a safer community
  • a healthy community
  • a prosperous community
  • a greener community
At this meeting members of the group were assigned tasks of contributing content for each part of sections 1 to 4 to do over the next few weeks.
Sections 5 to 7 are still a long way off, and will need detailed analysis of the survey results, consultation with relevant organizations and feedback from you, the villagers of Beech Hill, before we can make any recommendations.
Over the next few weeks a flyer will be distributed to every household in the village giving details of progress so far, and how you can contribute.

You can now find a link to the slides shown at the Jubilee Tea on th 'Village Plan' page


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