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Village Plan Update 17 April 2012

The Village Plan survey questions have been finalized; all the spelling mistakes have been corrected (hopefully) and the forms are currently being printed ready for distribution to every household in the village next weekend (22/23 April).  
The survey will also be available on line at If you have not yet done so please register on the village website as soon as possible. This will give you access to the questionnaire ensuring that only Beech Hill residents will be able to complete it. Once you have reached the questionnaire pages your login details will have been forgotten and the answers you give will totally anonymous.
The registration process is straightforward (see Help > 'How to Register') and should take between 5 minutes and a few hours depending on whether or not the webmaster is awake to respond to your request! If you have any problems registering please contact us via the 'Feedback' form or phone us on Beech Hill 4622.   
It is hoped that as many people as possible will complete the questionnaire on line as this will greatly reduce the work of the committee, as those forms completed by hand will have to be entered into the on-line survey by a member of the committee!
The questionnaires will be collected one week later (28/29 April) either completed, or with the cover-sheet ticked to indicate that it was completed on line (see the cover sheet for more details)
Everyone in the village aged 16 or over is asked to complete the questionnaire, and it is hoped that everyone in the village will do so. In that way the Village Plan will reflect the views of the whole village, and not just those of a small minority! 


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