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Beech Hill Village plan

In common with many villages around the country Beech Hill is in the process of producing a village plan.
There are many uses to which the plan can be put.  These are just some:
  • We can use it to suggest (through the Parish Council) better ways to spend our taxes in a way that most people will feel beneficial.
  • We can put pressure on various bodies to provide needed facilities.
  • We can prove that project requests have broad support within the village, which increases the likelihood of receiving funding
  • We might be able to persuade transport companies to provide a better service.
  • We can all help each other through local clubs and voluntary organizations.
  • Where controversial schemes are proposed we can represent the true voice of the village in response.
  • Together we can help the village to develop the way we'd like.
Before we can produce a plan we need to know what people think.  The first step in this process was a public bonfire night meeting at the Memorial Hall last November.  Lots of people from all over the village came along and wrote down their thoughts.  These have been used as the starting point for the plan.  Many people volunteered to help and everyone who volunteered is now active in the planning process.  But the volunteer list is not closed.  Anyone in the village who wishes to help in some way is very welcome.  Whether you want to attend meetings and add some ideas, deliver or collect forms, or anything else that you feel might help, you will be very welcome.  If you read this and know someone who may have missed all other communications it would be helpful if you could pass the message on.

What is happening now?
Based on people's initial comments a rough survey form has been drawn up.  It will take a few weeks to tidy this up.  We are hoping to carry out the survey at the end of March.  Everyone aged 16 and over in Beech Hill will be asked to participate.  Following that there will be several months of collating data, analysing and producing a plan with recommendations.  The idea is to submit a plan to West Berks Council by the end of 2012.  We really need every person to complete the survey form so that we can say that we have taken into account the views the whole village.  The survey will be anonymous, so your individual views cannot be traced back to you.

What is the process for completing the survey?
There are two ways to complete the survey:
1  On-line. This is the preferred way as it will avoid delivery and collection and the data will be automatically available for analysis without re-entry.  The survey will be hosted on an independent server. (see note at bottom of page)
2 In paper form. The survey will be delivered to you and you can return it when completed or ask to have it collected.

Who is involved at the moment?
Charlie Carter, Christine Barry, David Price, David Simpson, Della Stone, Fleur Howles, Hannah Boston, Hayley Plank, Mike Methven, Neil Macmillan, Peter Simpson, Phil Edwards, Sarah Ward, Stuart Barry, Graham Bell, Martin Plank, Robert Newman, Tremaine Callier.

Want to know more or to help?
Contact Charlie Carter at charlie.carter [at] or send your details to the Parish Clerk, Janet Haines, The Wolds, 17 The Green, Woosehill, Wokingham, RG41 3PG, ( tel 0118 978 8947), and she will pass your details on.
Further communication
Regular news updates will appear in the following places:
If you think that there is a better way to keep you informed please let us know at bhplan [at] or contact Charlie Carter as above.

The questionnaire will be produced and hosted by the Greenham Common Trust, a charitable organization with extensive expertise in producing questionnaires for other village plans in West Berkshire. The questions will, however be entirely those of the Beech Hill Village Plan Working Party. the Greenham Common Trust will collate the responses and analyze the results. To minimize cost and effort the preferred method of completing the questionnaire will be on line.
Access to the questionnaire will be via the Beech Hill Village Website at or by clicking on 'Questionnaire' under 'Village' > 'Village Plan'.
You will need to register and log in to be able to access this page. The reason for this is to ensure that only Beech Hill Village residents will be able to complete the questionnaire. (without this safeguard anyone in the world could tell us what we want in our village!). Once you have reached the questionnaire page your login details are fogotten and your responses to the questions are totally anonymous.  
For help in registering please look at 'How to Register' under 'Help' at the top of any page, or contact the webmaster at webmaster [at] (subject: Help%20with%20Registering)  


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