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Village Plan Report 13 January 2012

Following the Launch Event at the Beech Hill Bonfire on 13 November 2011, 14 village residents, who had expressed an interest in becoming involved with the village plan, met in the Memorial Hall to take the Village Plan forward. Also present was Sarah Ward from the Community Council for Berkshire (CCB).  The meeting was conducted by Charlie Carter but he and other members of the Memorial Hall Committee who were also present, had been anxious to take a low-key part in the committee so as to avoid the misconception that the Village Plan Committee was an offshoot of the Memorial Hall committee.
            Sarah Ward started by outlining the Village Plan process and giving examples of some of the benefits of having a Village Plan and what other communities had done.  A draft time-line was then presented to the meeting which would lead to the adoption of a plan in a year's time.  The first stage in this process would be to distribute a questionnaire to all residents.  To this end, three working groups were set up based on the topics used at the launch event in November.  These groups are to meet during the next few weeks to formulate the questions to be put in the questionnaire. 
The working groups are:
Transport and Highways - Stuart Barry, Fleur Howles, David Simpson, Peter Simpson
Community, Social and Youth - Christine Barry, Hannah Boston, Hayley Plank, Neil Macmillan, Phil Edwards, Tremaine Callier 
Planning, Housing and Environment - Charlie Carter, David Price, Della Stone, Graham Bell, Martin Plank, Robert Newman
It was decided that in order to aid the free-flowing of ideas that at this and future meetings there should be only an outline agenda, and that formal minutes would not be taken. Rather, a report of each meeting would be would be posted on the village website. 

Meeting Date: 
Friday, January 13, 2012 - 19:30


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