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Plaque below the Bas-Releif

The village of Beech Hill came under Stratfield Mortimer until 1886, when it was given its own identity.
In fact it is believed to have once been called “Beche Hill” after the De La Beche family, corrupted to Beech Hill in the 1600s – 1700s.
The De La Beche family has strong connections with the village of Aldworth situated near Pangbourne. In Aldworth Church there are stone effigies of the De La Beche knights. They were giants 6-7ft tall. Most Britons were the average height of 5ft in those days. Nicolas was said to have had connections with Beech Hill and Beaumys Castle, a wooden structure situated a mile east from this point. All that remains are traces of the moat and earth works, this we believe to be mid 14th century. It would appear that all relative documents were destroyed in a fire some 200 years ago. Sir Nicolas De La Beche was tutor to the Black Prince’s children at Beaumys Castle.
 This escutcheon represents past and present history of this village.
The Helmet Depicted on the top of the shield is the medieval knight’s helmet.
The Shield first Ore on a bend, 3 Bucks heads sinister Argents and Gules 3 Bendlets.
 The scroll is written using the same case as the De La Beche seal in Reading Museum.
 3 Horse Shoes - The Blacksmith has been in the village, for most of the 20th century the Bailey family. The workshop stands opposite the village pond.
The Wheel. The Wheelers built the carts and wheels for most of the local farmers. They lived in Pond House for most of the 20th Century. Their yard was where the house “WheelRights” now stands.
Ears of Wheat Represent the village farmers. In days gone-bye, most of the men folk in this village would have toiled on the land.
Heart and Sword Top left. St Mary the Virgin, Mother of Christ. our church emblem
Top Right. Lion of England 


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